Unlimited mobility with Alber products: information for the holiday season.

To make sure that nothing hampers your mobility at your holiday destination, here are a few points to bear in mind regarding transport and travel:If you are taking the entire wheelchair with add-on drive with you on the journey in the luggage hold, all components should be packed as well as possible to protect them against impact or damage from other cargo. Control units and accessories such as a swivel arm should be removed and likewise safely packed.If you are flying to warmer countries, bear in mind that when equipment is transported in an air-conditioned luggage hold condensation can form on it when it is unloaded, because of the big differences in temperature. You should therefore wait a short while before putting the equipment into operation, to allow any condensation to evaporate.If the worst comes to the worst, our service centre is available to advise you and if at all possible supply replacement components even in your holiday country.It goes without saying that all of our products are approved for transport by air. If you need a transport certificate, for example, you can obtain one at any time from our customer service by calling +49 (0)7432 20060, or you can download it free of charge here:

for e-motion M12
for e-motion M15
for e-motion M25
for e-motion DuoDrive M25
for SMOOV O10
for e-pilot P15 (only with marked battery pack (= small aircraft symbol on the front of the battery pack)
for twion T24
for viamobil V25 and e-fix E35/E36
for Adventure, e-fix, scalamobil, scalacombi eco, viamobil V10, V15 and viamobil eco
via GO

In addition to the transport certificates you can download the Alber product information sheets:

for e-motion M15
for e-motion M25 and e-motion DuoDrive
for twion T24

Further information about travelling with a wheelchair is available from all major airlines on their websites or from travel agencies.