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Add-on scooter for manual wheelchairs
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Configure e-pilot now

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Configure e-pilot now

Create your own personal e-pilot!
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A perfect mix of sporty-elegant design and perfect ergonomics: the e-pilot from Alber convinces. It turns your wheelchair into a sporty vehicle in seconds - the dynamic combination for everyday use. This eliminates the annoying search for a parking space and the tedious transfer into and out of the car. The powerful fork, the battery pack integrated in the frame and the powerful drive wheel combine sporty design and sophisticated ergonomics perfectly.


Drive to the centre, visit friends or simply enjoy the day in the nature. No problem with the e-pilot: just dock it to the manual wheelchair, switch it on and turn the throttle. Here we go. Even distances of up to 50 km are no problem thanks to the large Li-Ion battery pack. When you reach your destination, undock the e-pilot and travel with your manual wheelchair as usual - full flexibility.


Overcome borders, enjoy new freedom. The e-pilot offers a new kind of mobility. Thanks to the large front wheel, you can easily expand the possibilities of the manual wheelchair. A dirt road or a bad underground is no problem. Even a curb can easily be overcome.


Clever functions on the go: Thanks to the optional Mobility Plus Package, the e-pilot can be extended by useful functions, such as a wheelchair-accessible navigation function or the speed extension to 20 km/h. This makes the trip really fun and you will reach your goal faster.

The e-pilot in detail

Learn more about the strengths and elements of the e-pilot:

  • Colour display with indication of battery capacity, speed and tour data
  • throttle grip for intuitive speed settings
  • Shapely integrated, removable battery pack for up to 50 km range
  • Innovative hydroforming aluminium frame
  • Noiseless and efficient direct drive with balloon tyres for good suspension

Here’s how it works: e-pilot in simple terms:

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Excellent design

Now with Tetra-Brake

The new Tetra-Brake for the e-pilot is an operating option specially developed for tetraplegics with limited finger and hand function. The Tretra brake is suitable for tetraplegics with slight to moderate limitations. You can find all further information here.



e-pilot fits your wheelchair:

The flexible mounting system of the e-pilot allows the combination with a variety of wheelchairs.

Get even more out of e-pilot

The special Smartphone App and the optionally available Mobility Plus package can be used to expand the capabilities of e-pilot. You get access to a wheelchair-accessible navigation function and a speed extension up to 20 km/h. The cruise control rounds off the experience of relaxed driving even on longer distances.

In addition, the Mobility App contains valuable tips and tricks for everyday use of your e-pilot.

Find out more here.


Discover in the brochure an overview of features, accessories and benefits of the e-pilot - download, print and share now!
The downloads also contain additional documents such as user manuals and quick guides.

e-pilot brochures e-pilot user manuals

Drive unit

  • Innovative and elegant hydroforming aluminum frame
  • Integrated battery holder with lock
  • Cables and wires in the frame
  • Button for ON/OFF, Menu, Speed selection/Reverse gear, Tour data
  • Button for horn and light
  • Brake lever left and right, hydraulic
  • Stand with patented swivelling function for easily overcoming obstacles
  • USB socket for charging a smartphone
  • Basic colour black, design colour white silk matt
  • Traffic approved lighting

Drive wheel

  • Gearless motor, therefore noiseless, and maintenance free
  • Motor with 250 watts (constant) and 650 W (peak)
  • Disc brake 203 mm with two hydraulic calipers
  • Balloon pneumatic tires 16"
  • Preselection of maximum speed in 4 steps, reverse gear

Battery pack

  • Auto contacting, quick-release battery pack
  • Range up to 50 km (depending on the ground surface, the weight of the user, temperature, wheelchair settings and terrain)
  • Weight: only 2.9 kg
  • Battery can be charged in the installed or removed state
  • Optionally available spare battery pack for even more range


  • Easy to remove and attach by twist-lock
  • TFT full colour display with indicator for speed, battery capacity, drive mode, driving mode and tour data
  • Language selection, traction control ON/OFF and system information via menu

Automatic battery-charger

  • Electronic charging and switch-off mechanism
  • Charging time of an empty battery approx. 4 hours

Colour options

Individual appearance through a wide range of design colours. Frame colour is black. Colour panels on the side frame and fork are white as standard or choose among a variety of colours.

Colour choice for colour panels:

  • 4 Glossy signal colours
  • 6 Matt metallic colours

* Colours shown may differ from the original due to printing deviations.

Technical Data

0,5 - 20 km/h*

Climbing capability

up to 10 %

Braking capability

up to 15 %



up to 50 km

depending on the ground surface, the weight of the user, temperature and terrain


max. weight of person

100 kg

max. total weight

135 kg
(e-pilot, wheelchair and wheelchair driver)


36 V; 13,8 Ah; 496 Wh

Total weight e-pilot

18,4 kg

e-pilot is CE-compliant according to the European Medical Devices Directive (MDR) 2017/745 and is tested and certified on a voluntary basis by the TÜV Süd, in line with the currently valid edition of the product standard EN 12184.

  • Tetra-Brake

    • Ergonomically shaped hand rest
    • Hand strap made of skin-friendly mesh material, which prevents the hand from slipping hand from slipping
    • Two Magura brakes for safe braking manoeuvres
    • Hand rest available for left and right
    • Parking brake to prevent rolling away

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  • KLICKfix® Accessories

    • Base support front
    • Base support rear (adapter not included, only supplied with compact bag)
    • Installation on the frame prepared, can be retrofitted at any time
    • To accommodate shopping bag or other Klickfix accessories with handlebar adapter
    • Available accessories: shopping bag, compact bag and bottle holder

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  • Supernova front light

    • Double light output compared to standard lighting
    • Robust design aluminum housing
    • Extra bright with 205 lumens
    • Parking light up to 5 minutes after switching off
  • Tail light for push handles

    • Battery operated (2 x AAA)
    • Running time up to 50 hours
    • Includes adjustable rubber band for attachment to the push handles
    • Double-sided attachment recommended
  • Rear mirror

    • For fixing to the handlebar left
    • Not compatible with option throttle left
    • Easy to fit and adjustable
    • Foldable for space-saving parking
    • Easy to retrofit
  • Throttle handrest

    • Fatigue-free operation of the throttle
    • Easy mounting via clamping bracket
    • Easy to retrofit
  • Additional weights

    • To increase traction and acceleration of the drive wheel
    • Easy removal of the weights through locking bolts, conically shaped receptacle for a firm fit of the weights
    • 2.4 kg per weight in total approx. 5 kg payload (incl. bracket)
  • Studded tyres

    • 16" balloon pneumatic tyres with medium studded profile
    • Increases traction on gravel and grass
  • Flight battery pack

    • Flight battery pack with 280,8 Wh
    • Insert the battery and lock it automatically with a "click"
    • Range up to 20 km (depending on ground, person weight, temperature, speed setting and topography)
    • Weight: 2,4 kg
    • Charging of the battery pack possible in the installed or removed state
  • Transport covering

    • For safe transport in the car (can be lashed down with loops)
    • Protects frame and lighting from scratches and damage
    • Easy to put on with Velcro fastener (also possible with basic straps front/rear)
    • Rubberized handle for ergonomic carrying of the e-pilot
    • Dirt protection when loading the e-pilot into the trunk through the cover of the drive wheel
  • Garage

    • Suitable durable protection for the e-pilot
    • Protects the e-pilot from water, dust and leaves, when storing the e-pilot under a carport or in the basement
    • Teflon-coated, water-repellent film
  • Throttle grip left

    • Optional throttle grip for the left side of the handlebar
    • Allows driving with limited arm/hand function on the right
  • Docking assistance

    • Docking aid for the e-pilot
    • Enables easy docking and undocking with one arm
    • Docking aid can be folded out of the field of view via the display

The e-pilot mobility app

The smart helper on the go.

Launch the Mobility App on your smartphone and have access to a lot of information at a glance. In addition, the Mobility App contains valuable tips and tricks for everyday life with your e-pilot.


  • Brief operation instructions
  • Error information with solution suggestions
  • List of specialist dealers worldwide



  • Showing the remaining capacity and range
  • Tour computer
  • Recording of a travelled distance

* All that is required is an Internet-enabled smartphone with Bluetooth

Mobility Plus Package: Clever additional functions

The optionally available Mobility Plus Package gets you to your destination faster and makes driving a real pleasure. Thanks to the combination of Mobility App and smartphone, you get access to a wheelchair-accessible navigation function and a speed increase to 20 km/h. Also included in the package: the cruise control function for even more relaxation on longer journeys.

The Mobility Plus Package is activated for Android with a license code, which is included in the Mobility Plus Package with operating instructions. The purchase price for the Mobility Plus Package for Android is EUR 390.00 incl. VAT (based on German price, prices may slightly differ from country to country). For iOS devices, the functions are unlocked via in-app purchases for EUR 399.99 incl. VAT (based on German price, prices may slightly differ from country to country).



  • Increases the maximum speed up to 20 km/h*
  • New dynamic driving experience with the e-pilot


iOS in-app-purchase: 249,99 € *

* The maximum speed allowed on public roads depends on local traffic regulations. Speeds above 6 or 10 km/h may only be driven on private property. Alber and its sales partners accept no liability in the event of non-compliance with national traffic laws.


  • Maintaining a set speed
  • Easily adjustable in 1 km/h steps


iOS in-app-purchase: 119,99 € *


  • Call and SMS notes on the display*

* Only with Android.

*incl. VAT (based on German price, prices may slightly differ from country to country)