The clever help on the go

The Mobility Apps support you with valuable tips and tricks for everyday use with your Alber product. The apps are available for e-fix E25 / E26, e-fix E35 / e36, e-motion M15 and twion T24.

In the event of a breakdown, you identify the cause of the error with the help of the app and fix it yourself in many cases. If this is not possible, contact the Alber Service Center or your local dealer directly from the app. So you always get quick help, right on your smartphone - no matter where you are.

The download and use of the app are free. They are available for Android and IOS.

For Android:

e-fix E25/E26
e-fix E35/36
e-motion M15
twion T24

For iOS:

e-fix E35/E36
e-motion M15
twion T24

The mobility apps from twion T24 and e-fix E35/E36 are the prerequisite for using the respective Mobility Plus package.