twion – energize your wheelchair

The electric drive for active wheelchairs

twion – push boundaries

In today‘s world, one thing matters more than anything: mobility. Therefore, we want transporting devices that are adapted  to this dynamic lifestyle: efficient, smart and fun to drive.

With twion it is possible to expand possibilities and to reach the highest level of independence. The state of the art electric motors equipped with the most modern software and electronics and provide enough extra power with each push on the rim to comfortably overcome longer stretches or to easily surmount slopes. The driving  sensor, positioned on the push rim, continuously and precisely determines the correct amount of assistance. This way the wheelchair driver remains active while comfortably reaching the desired destination.

Feel the speed – faster and further than ever before

Modern lithium batteries in the wheel hubs provide the twion with sufficient energy to push your driving speed up to 10 km/h and to reach longer distances without strain. This way you can enjoy maximum flexibility in every day life.


“Going up and down slopes is lots of fun, even when they are steep.”

Martin S. from Stuttgart

Be independent

Cars play a central role in our mobile world and have become almost indispensable. The twion can be easily transported in  a car or used with any public transportation service in order to give you maximum flexibility and independence. The wheels can easily be detached with a quick release mecha-nism for compact loading

Here’s how it works: twion in simple terms

By calling the video you agree that your data will be transmitted to YouTube and that you have read the privacy policy.

By calling the video you agree that your data will be transmitted to YouTube and that you have read the privacy policy.

Excellent design

Product configuration

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twion also fits to your wheelchair:

twion is suitable for virtually all common active wheelchairs, so that you can continue to use your current and individually adapted wheelchair. This is made possible by a small, light-weight bracket that is once fixed on the wheelchair frame.

Get out more of your twion

With the specially developed smartphone app and the optional Mobility Plus Package a wide range of features can be added to twion: For example a higher assistance speed of 10 km/h instead of 6 km/h or the practical Cruise Mode function. At the same time all relevant status information is displayed on the smartphone like current speed, distance or battery status. Moreover it is possible to create and save tours via GPS. Learn more.

The difference between twion and e-motion:

To ensure the best possible mobility benefits from your active drive, it’s a good idea to analyze your needs in advance. This overview, containing the most important distinguishing features between e-motion and twion, should help you select the right product.


Quality from the market leader: Our drive components are developed and manufactured completely in Albstadt. 80 % of the primary materials also come from Germany.

Alber service. We invest in long-term customer satisfaction. Our Service Center is characterized by rapid response and competent service partners.

Quality from the market leader: Our drive components are developed and manufactured completely in Albstadt. 80 % of the primary materials also come from Germany.

Alber service. We invest in long-term customer satisfaction. Our Service Center is characterized by rapid response and competent service partners.

twion mobility app

Where can I try the twion and what does it cost?

We would be happy to demonstrate the twion to you free of charge and without any obligations at your home. Your local medical product retailer will also happily advise you on mobility aids from Alber. Alber products are eligible for reimbursement from health insurance companies (only for Germany). You generally only pay a contribution of €10 (only for Germany). Apply for our products with a prescription (only for Germany). We are happy to advise you!


Discover in the brochure an overview of features, accessories and benefits of the twion - download, print and share now!
The downloads also contain additional documents such as user manuals and quick guides.

twion brochures twion user manuals

Drive wheel

  • 24 x 1” wheels with Schwalbe Marathon Plus Evolution tires with maximum puncture protection as standard.
  • Stub axle 123 mm long, diameter ½”
  • Max. user weight 120 kg
  • Motor, electronics and battery pack integrated in the wheel hub
  • Cover, white (black version optional)
  • Outer ring, black
  • Stub axle button made from stainless steel
  • Push rims, aluminium black/matt powder-coated
  • Weight of standard model: 6.3 kg per wheel

EasyConnex charging plug

The patented EasyConnex charging plug uses magnetic force to automatically find the right plug position. The charger socket on the wheel also serves as an On/Off switch. That is perfectly integrated multi-functionality.


Alber has been using state-of-the-art battery technologies for a number of years and therefore guarantees long and trouble-free enjoyment. Using lithium-ion batteries means greater ranges and more charge cycles (up to 1,200) compared with other battery types.


More information on the handling of lithium-ion batteries can be found here.

Battery charger

  • Small and handy battery charger
  • Weight: 450 g
  • Charges both batteries at the same time with charge and switch-off mechanism
  • Charging time of around 4.5 hours if batteries are totally flat
  • Input voltage 100 V – 240 V
  • Charge temperature between 0° – 40°C
  • State of charge is displayed on the wheel and battery charger using LEDs

twion mobility app

  • Free to download from the Google Playstore and App Store



  • Quickstart guide
  • Worldwide specialist dealer search
  • Failure diagnostic with solution management
  • Make direct contact with the specialist dealer or Alber service center
  • Practical tips for the twion


Extend the features available using the optional Mobility Plus package.

Technical data

up to 10 km/h
with optional Mobility Plus package

Climbing and braking ability

The limit values of the wheelchair manufacturer should be observed. 


up to 20 km
depending on ground surface, weight of user, temperature and topography

Wheel size


Max. weight of the person

120 kg

Max. permitted total weight

145 kg
(twion, wheelchair and wheelchair driver)


37 V. 4.5 Ah, lithium-ion, leakproof and maintenance free

Special functions

cruise mode function with optional Mobility Plus package

Weight of individual parts
Drive wheel (including battery)

6.3 kg (standard model)

Total weight of all components:

12.6 kg (standard model)

twion is CE-compliant according to the European Medical Devices Directive (MDR) 2017/745 and is tested and certified on a voluntary basis by the TÜV Süd, in line with the currently valid edition of the product standard EN 12184.


twion provides two color variants and various tires, covering all design requirements.

  • Cover, black

    • Outer ring, black
    • Stub axle button, black
  • Stainless steel push rims

    • Brushed stainless steel
    • Less sensitive to scratches, good grip
    • Additional weight per wheel: + 400 g
  • Carbolife Curve L push rims

    • 80% more gripping surface compared to a classic round shaped pushrim
    • Stabilizes wrist and provides more hold for the thumb area
    • Protects muscles, tendons and joints and actively prevents from chronic symptoms
    • More control and better transmission of power especially on longer distances and while braking
  • Tires

    Airless tire with PU inlet

    • 24 x 1 3/8“ wheels
    • No flat tyres, no check of pressure required
    • Additional weight approx. 500 g per wheel


Extend the functional scope of your twion with the accessories available:

  • Mobility Plus package

    • Contains: Outer ring with exclusive design
    • Booklet containing operating instructions
    • License code

    Click here for more information

  • Bracket

    • Small and weight-optimized bracket
    • Identical bracket principle to e-motion M15
    • Torque receiver not compatible with e-motion wheels
    • Wheel can be attached in various positions
    • Suitable for virtually all active and lightweight wheelchairs
  • Anti-tippers with swiveling/jack-up function

    Alber Kippstützen
    • Identical to e-motion and e-fix
    • Can be removed using quick-release device
    • Height and length can be adjusted
    • With automatic swiveling function for passing over curbs and thresholds
    • Jack-up function to allow the wheels to be removed with ease
    • Anti-tippers come in pairs
  • Ergonomic Stub Axle

    • For easier attaching and removing of the drive wheels
    • Innovative release mechanism with ergonomic ring (no push and pull required at the same time)
    • Suitable for persons with limited hand function
    • Retrofit to existing wheels without tools

twion mobility app

Smartphones have become firmly established in our modern society as the centre of communication. Alber has taken advantage of this technology and developed a specific app. The diagnostics function, for example is very helpful. It helps to identify faults and makes contact with the Alber Service Team if  necessary.

Mobility Plus package

To have both hands free when driving a wheelchair, to know exactly how far and how fast you have driven, how long the battery lasts or an extra bit of speed if you want to go faster? All these things are possible with the Mobility Plus Package! The Mobility Plus package contains a cover ring with an exclusive design, a booklet with operating instructions and a license code to activate the features described on the following page. The purchase price for the Mobility Plus Package is EUR 390.00 incl. VAT (based on German price, prices may slightly differ from country to country).


  • Increase power assist from 6 km/h to 10 km/h.
  • Display of driving parameters including battery status, current speed, average speed and maximum.
  • Simple switchover between ECO mode and SPORT mode.

    Cruise Mode

    • Maintains a desired speed consistently and makes your hands free for other things.
    • Is activated by a single push on the rims faster than 1 km/h and holds the speed automatically without further movement.
    • The speed can be simply increased through additional pushes on the rim.
    • Ideal for longer walks on flat surfaces, pushing a shopping cart or for transporting a travel trolley.
    Watch the video here

    Tour mode

    • Recording and display of journeys using a GPS signal.
    • Detailed display of tour data such as distance travelled, time, altimeter and number of calories burned.
    • Tour data is stored in chronological order.

    Rest mode

    • Silent mode switches off the charge display and acoustic sounds of the wheel at the touch of a button.
    • Individual profile can be set

    Remote drive

    • Remote drive of the unoccupied wheelchair via smartphone e.g. for use with car loading systems or to park the wheelchair.
    • Controlled with the built-in inclination sensor of the smartphone or with a virtual joystick.