Push & brake aids

Wheelchair Drive

Our power add-on drives allow to extend the mobility of your manual wheelchair without changing its benefits and characteristics.

  • The push & brake aid series viamobil helps the attendant to push and brake a manual wheelchair even on steep hills.

  • The wheelchair drive e-fix transforms each manual wheelchair to a highly maneuverable and discreet lightweight electric wheelchair.

  • The power assist e-motion helps propelling a manual wheelchair while providing therapeutical benefit. Two silent and discreet electric motors with innovative Lithium-Ion batteries support the wheelchair driver to cope with gradients and long distances. 

  • Quix the wheelchair drive with direct and intuitive tiller control has been designed for senior persons having problems with the joystick control of an electric wheelchair. Like any Alber product, Quix can be easily attached to the wheelchair and is characterized by its portabilty. The direct and intuitive steering is very utile in narrow homes and can also be used for short excursions around the house.