Alber GmbH Presents New Motor Concept The e-motion M25: a powerful mobility solution

With the latest generation of the proven e-motion add-on drive for manual wheelchairs, Alber will present an innovative solution for even greater mobility with therapeutic benefits at the 2018 Rehacare. The design features an all new motor concept that makes the new e-motion M25 both more compact and powerful. With each wheel weighing in at only 7.8 kg, the e-motion is one of the lightest add-on drives on the market. The new system will be available starting in October 2018.

The new e-motion M25 wheelchair drive unit is characterised by its motor power and light weight in comparison to the previous model. It is one of the few active add-on drives that can be individually adapted to the needs and driving behaviour of any wheelchair driver. The benefits are obvious: with the e-motion, wheelchair user can increase their range and remain active, while going easy on the muscles and joints. The system responds discreetly, without making a single noise. Slopes and heavier weights of up to 150 kg are no problem – the drive unit continues to work at full power. Thanks to state-of-the-art lithium ion battery technology, users don’t have to worry about their range. At the same time, the maximum support speed is 8.5 km/h. The system is compatible with all conventional wheelchair models and can be retrofitted at any time.

Intelligent support
For simple handling, the e-motion M25 comes with four preset driving profiles, which users can select using a free smartphone app. The wheelchair user can also choose between two assistance levels for indoors and outdoors for each driving profile. To safely master slopes, the M25 features a patented rollback delay that keeps the wheelchair in place, allowing users to comfortably change their grip before continuing on.
Another integral component of the smartphone app and true highlight is the cruise mode, which keeps a constant, set speed with a single push. The push rim on the e-motion makes for intuitive steering and braking. The e-motion smartphone app also provides wheelchair users with a wide range of useful information while driving: from battery charge level, to the current speed and mileage, to fault indications in plain text with concrete recommendations for action. In the e-motion smartphone app, specialist dealers have access to a protected area, where they can set a customised driving behavior. Thanks to the intuitive graphical user interface, it only takes a few minutes to tailor the driving characteristics of the e-motion to any wheelchair driver or clinical picture.[...]