e-pilot Mobility Plus Package

The optionally available Mobility Plus Package will get you to your destination faster, ensuring a real driving pleasure. Thanks to the combination of Mobility App and smartphone, you gain access to a wheelchair-friendly navigation function and a speed extension up to 20 km / h. The cruise control feature also rounds off the experience of relaxed driving on longer stretches.

The Mobility Plus Package includes a booklet with user guides and the license code to unlock the extra features in the free Mobility app.


  • Increases the maximum speed up to 20 km/h*
  • New dynamic driving experience with the e-pilot


* The maximum speed allowed on public roads depends on local traffic regulations. Speeds above 6 or 10 km/h may only be driven on private property. Alber and its sales partners accept no liability in the event of non-compliance with national traffic laws.


  • Maintaining a set speed
  • Easily adjustable in 1 km/h steps


  • Easy start/destination navigation with wheelchair accessible routing
  • The first in an add-on scooter integrated navigation


  • Call and SMS notes on the display*


* Only with Android.