Mobility Plus package

The Mobility Plus package contains a cover ring with an exclusive design, a booklet with operating instructions and a license code to activate the features described on the following page.


  • Increase power assist from 6 km/h to 10 km/h.
  • Display of driving parameters including battery status, current speed, average speed and maximum.
  • Simple switchover between ECO mode and SPORT mode.

    Cruise Mode

    • Maintains a desired speed consistently and makes your hands free for other things.
    • Is activated by a single push on the rims faster than 1 km/h and holds the speed automatically without further movement.
    • The speed can be simply increased through additional pushes on the rim.
    • Ideal for longer walks on flat surfaces, pushing a shopping cart or for transporting a travel trolley.


    Watch the video here

    Tour mode

    • Recording and display of journeys using a GPS signal.
    • Detailed display of tour data such as distance travelled, time, altimeter and number of calories burned.
    • Tour data is stored in chronological order.

    Rest mode

    • Silent mode switches off the charge display and acoustic sounds of the wheel at the touch of a button.
    • Individual profile can be set

    Remote drive

    • Remote drive of the unoccupied wheelchair via smartphone e.g. for use with car loading systems or to park the wheelchair.
    • Controlled with the built-in inclination sensor of the smartphone or with a virtual joystick.

    Connection manager

    • Establish connection between smartphone and twion wheels.
    • Manage initial installation and wheel pairs.
    • Faster and more secure establishment of connection at any time with own password.

    Switching on and off

    Simple remote activation and deactivation of twion via smartphone
    (for this twion must be in standby-mode)