Frequently asked questions about the twion mobility app & Mobility Plus package

How do I get the twion mobility app? What does the app cost?  
The twion mobility app can be downloaded for free from Google Play or the App Store.

What is required of the smartphone?
Internet access is essential. The app is available for smartphones with an Android or iOS operating system.
Please tell your medical product retailer which of the two operating systems your twion is to be configured for.

What is the Mobility Plus package?
You can use the optional Mobility Plus package to activate even more features in the twion mobility app and communicate with twion wheels using your smartphone.  You will find the details of the various features here.

Where can I purchase the Mobility Plus package? What does it cost?
The Mobility Plus package can be purchased privately from your medical product retailer for €390 including VAT.

Is the Mobility Plus package reimbursed by health insurance companies?

No, we will not have a medical device number for the Mobility Plus package.

I can't find the twion wheels in the app.  

Ensure that the twion wheels are switched on. Move the twion wheels a little. Switch off WLAN.

The license code on the twion card isn’t working.

Please check the details you have entered. Be sure to use the correct spelling. Ensure you have an Internet connection. If you don’t, you won’t be able to register online.  

Why is it important that I correctly select the left and right wheel during the initial installation?

The wheels must be selected correctly in order for the BlueDrive controller to function correctly. If this is not done, you may find you are using the BlueDrive controller to control the twion wheels in the opposite direction to that originally selected.

Unfortunately, I didn’t hear which wheel emitted the acoustic signal.
Simply select the left wheel first and then the right one. If you discover that the wheelchair in the BlueDrive controller is moving in the opposite direction to that originally selected, you can swap the wheels in the app by going to Connection manager -> Manage wheel pair -> Switch wheels -> Confirm entry.

When I’m in the BlueDrive controller, the wheelchair moves in the opposite direction to that desired.

Presumably, the last time you took the wheels off, you mixed up the left and right wheels. However, you don’t need to switch them back again manually, you can do this in the app by going to Connection manager -> Manage wheel pair -> Switch wheels -> Confirm entry.

  • Under certain circumstances, an activated WLAN connection may interfere with the Bluetooth connection. If you deactivate the WLAN connection, the Bluetooth connection will be much more stable.
  • Is the app compatible with your smartphone? You will find a list of suitable smartphones here.
  • Has your operating system been updated recently? Sometimes a new software update may cause problems with the Bluetooth connection. Contact your smartphone manufacturer if you experience problems with new updates.
  • Is Bluetooth activated on your smartphone? Go to the "Wireless and networks" settings to check whether Bluetooth is activated.
  • Is visibility for Bluetooth devices activated? If your smartphone is set not to be visible to other Bluetooth devices, they will not be able to transmit data to it – regardless of whether your Bluetooth is working or not.
  • Reset your Bluetooth activation and restart the device.
  • Close the app correctly. It is not enough to exit the app and leave it running in the background. Please refer to your smartphone operating instructions for details of how to correctly close apps.

Do I have to reset my settings each time I connect?

No, the settings are saved until you change them. I have a new smartphone.

How do I now connect with the twion wheels?

Download the twion mobility app again and undertake the initial installation with the existing license code.

What do ECO, SPORT and AUTO mean?

Predefined travel profiles can be found under ECO, SPORT and AUTO. With ECO the customer has to do more of the work and therefore increases the range. ECO is recommended for indoor use. SPORT mode permits dynamic travel and should mainly be used outdoors. In AUTO mode, the twion wheels automatically switch from SPORT to ECO at a set battery capacity.

What do I need to do when a service is due?

If we send you a new wheel, you have to delete the existing pair of wheels in the app (Connection manager -> Manage wheel pair -> Delete wheel pair) and run the initial installation with the new wheel. You can reuse your existing license key to do this.