Add-on scooter with electric drive: The e-pilot P15 offers a new kind of mobility

Alber, the specialist for wheelchair drives, has developed the e-pilot P15, a new add-on scooter that turns a wheelchair into a dynamic vehicle in a flash. Now there is nothing in the way of making spontaneous trips, even over cobblestones. The elegant, lightweight frame is combined with an integrated battery, making this product an unparalleled design highlight.

Driving to the doctor, to the shops or to an event: even short trips in the car require a great deal of effort from wheelchair users. With the new e-pilot P15 add-on scooter, Alber offers a simultaneously eco-friendly and convenient alternative for medium distances – the powerful battery allows a range of around 50 km. The add-on scooter docks quickly and easily onto the wheelchair, saving tedious transfers in and out of a car – not to mention the time-consuming search for a parking spot. With the small, compact drive wheel and its thick pneumatic balloon tyres, you can negotiate uneven ground and obstacles such as curbs with ease.

The e-pilot P15 can be combined with different wheelchair models, thanks to its modular mounting system. Handling is particularly easy: the add-on scooter can be connected and disconnected from the wheelchair in less than 5 seconds. To do so, the user pulls the rocker arm towards him- or herself as far as it will go and then lets it lock into place by shifting his or her upper body. Upon arrival at the destination, the locking device is first unlocked, then the e-pilot P15 is disengaged with a "click" and extended forwards. During and after undocking, the add-on scooter remains in place with help of a stable stand. The manual wheelchair can then be used in the usual way.