Alber GmbH presents the new Mobility Plus Package for e-fix E35/E36

Beginning of September, the new smartphone-based e-fix Mobility Plus Package from Alber will be available at specialist dealers. With this practical package of additional smart features, Alber supports wheelchair drivers in everyday life.

The Mobility Plus Package includes extremely useful features that assist e-fix users in their daily lives. Specifically, the following new options are available after the Mobility Plus Package is installed:

  • EASYNAVI: The feature provides wheelchair drivers with wheelchair-friendly route guidance on the smartphone as well as on the display of the control unit – Bluetooth makes this new connectivity possible. This makes easyNavi the first navigation system integrated into an electric wheelchair. It is easy to use and guides you safely through the city to your destination.
  • SPEED: This feature can be used to increase the maximum speed from 6 km/h to 8 km/h. In addition to a new dynamic driving sensation, this feature makes the wheelchair significantly more fun to drive.
  • PHONE: The Phone feature makes it easy to communicate on the go by displaying when calls or text messages are received on the e-fix display of the control unit. In this way, wheelchair drivers can be sure that no call or message notifications are lost in the street noise.
  • REMOTE: The Remote feature is a great help in your own four walls. It allows an unoccupied, e-fix-driven wheelchair to be remotely controlled by smartphone, either using an integrated inclination sensor – by tilting the smartphone slightly – or with a virtual joystick. To be able to move the wheelchair to the desired position without any external support greatly increases independence.

Use of the Mobility Plus Package requires the e-fix Mobility app. It can be downloaded free of charge from both the App Store and Google Play.

Even the app alone already offers a variety of helpful features, ranging from the “Cockpit”, which shows information about the charge state of the battery pack, tour history and data, and the currently selected driving mode, to “Info”, which provides useful and practical tips on the e-fix as well as failure descriptions with suggestions for solutions. It is also possible to directly contact the employees of the Alber Service Center or your respective specialist dealer.