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Electric drives for manual wheelchairs

With its various wheelchair add-ons and active drives, Alber offers a wide range of possibilities to extend the function of a manual wheelchair, thus better adapting to the needs of wheelchair users.

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Using stair the easy way

The mobile staircase scalamobil is docked to the wheelchair as required and allows effortless removal of stairs of any kind. Even staircases are no problem. The staircase scalamobil protects the staircase thanks to an intelligent and patented climbing system. Automatic safety brakes ensure additional safety when climbing the stairs.

mobile stairclimber

Push the easy way

The wheelchair auxiliary drives from Alber extend the function and the operating radius of a manual wheelchair but do not alter its positive characteristics.

For the viamobil push-assist and braking aid, even slopes up to 18% are no Problem.

Push and brake aid

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Are you a health care professional and distribute Alber products? Here you can find more information about the Alber products as well as our online ordering platform DIP (Dealer Information Pool).

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